week of 9/13

Monday, December 13th, 2010

Rudolf Arnheim’s articles “The Complete Film” and “Film And Reality” both have a focus on the connection between what we see in film and what we perceive as reality. Arnheim goes into great detail on his views on the realtionship of film and reality. In both articles, he describes his appreciation of silent films, particularly those of Charlie Chaplin. He also describes the various ways and means of making a film, or at least the ways films were made in the 1920’s when his works were published.

Arnheim has a very elaborate and descriptive way of writing. He goes into almost excessive detail in every sentence he writes, regardless of the subject it’s about. He also tends to use an elaborate vocabulary when writing. It can be hard to follow his logic at times given the method of writing he chooses to use. Those who don’t have an extensive vocabulary or are unaware of the things Arnheim mentions in his writings can find it very hard to understand what he is saying or what his opinion is exactly. However, those who can understand it will see that Arnheim is an intelligent man who is capable of providing a great deal of knowledge and information when expressing his opinion on certain matters, such as the connection between film and reality in this case.

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